Monday, 30 November 2015

Hair Therapy Courses in Mumbai

Dr. Rekha's Cosmetic & Laser Institute is Providing Holistic Hair Therapy Courses in Mumbai. A certificate courses in hair care is the best and fastest way to start a career in hair care profession. In Hair Therapy the main thing is scientific hair massage is used to increase the blood circulation and healthy and consistent hair growth.

The hair therapy is very essential in today's life style because most of the peoples are not bothered or not conscious about their hair in a today's busy life. Dr. Rekha's Cosmetic and Laser Institute has been structured with the purpose of offers well trained high quality staff in the beauty industry. The hair therapy course offered bout complete hair care and hair treatments. This is a short term hair therapy courses in Mumbai.

Hair Therapy Courses Includes :
  • Alopecia Baldness
  • Hair Fall
  • Mesotherapy
  • Hair Stem Cell Therapy
  • Kertene / Volume Treatment
  • PRP Treatment

Course Duration : 3 Month

                             6 Month

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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Skin Therapy Courses in Mumbai

At Dr.Rekhas Cosmetic and Laser Institute, You'll train to a new standard in the industry to become a high - Skilled Professional Skin Therapist providing expert advice and targeted treatments that deliver results for your client's healthiest skin. That is what your future clients will expect.

The Holistic Skin Therapy Courses that deliver results for your Beauty Career. Skin Therapy Courses offer a range of popular top quality short courses in Holistic Skin Therapies which will give you  the convenience and flexibility of training to suit you.

Are you looking for a Holistic Ski Therapist..? Our Courses provide you with all the essential skills required to work in the Holistic Skin Therapy industry. The training includes both theory and practical aspects of Holistic Skin Therapy.

Holistic Skin Therapy Courses Includes -:
  • Acne Treatments
  • Scar Reduction
  • Face Polishing
  • Under Eye Dark Circles
  • Photo Facial
  • Dermabrasion
  • Fairness / Suntan Pigmentation
  • Skin Tag
  • Tattoo Removal

Course Duration -:     3 Month
                                     6 Month

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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Beauty Therapy Courses in Mumbai

Dr.Rekhas Cosmetic and Laser Institute is a special place for those who wants start or excel in the field of Professional Beauty Industry. Learn new skills via cosmetic education, cosmetic courses. Our Cosmetic and Laser Institute was founded in 2013 It the best training institute of cosmetic courses. Our mission is to provide cosmetic and Laser training for students and doctors. Our different Training Programs are the easy and best way to understand natural and modern  cosmetic courses in short-term period of time. These cosmetic Courses classes are ranked amongst the best in the world.

Click through the different Beauty Courses which we provide in our Training Center. The affiliated faculty who teach and train  natural, modern Cosmetic Courses in our institute.
Courses Offered -: 

Why Us..? 

  • Best Faculty and Best Facilities all under one roof

  • Guidance on Holistic Therapies and related workshops

  • Supported by Best Resources

  • Top Infrastructural Facilities

  • Emphasized on practicals oriented theory sessions
  • Certificate Course

Course Duration -:

  • 3 Month
  • 6 Month

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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Body Therapy Courses in Mumbai

Dr.Rekha's Laser Training Centre is committed to providing quality training produce outstanding Body Therapists. Dedicated and committed to their common goal of providing the best in the field , they bring years of experience and in - depth knowledge in their respective fields.

The institute has been set up with the purpose of providing well-trained high-quality staff to the beauty industry both within the country and overseas. The courses offered at the institute are body therapy treatments ,in this short duration of our existence, the institute plans to lead body therapy education in Mumbai and maintain high standards throughout the region with international cooperation

The Body Therapy is very essential in today's scenario with the lifestyle and eating habits of people being subjected to major setbacks.The Body therapy is mainly aimed at releasing tight muscles and increasing mobility decreasing stress, reducing pain to body joints.

Holistic Body Therapy Course Includes : Augmentation

Cheek Augmentation

Chin Augmentation

Breast Implants

Breast Augmentation

Breast Lifting / Toning

Course Duration :

3 Month

6 Month

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Friday, 12 June 2015

Cosmetic and Laser Institute

    Dr.Rekha's Cosmetic and Laser Institute is the best laser training centre in Mumbai.Dr.Rekha's Laser training centre offers the best and effective training course programmes. The courses mainly for cosmetic and laser treatments training. This is certificate oriented training course programme. The cosmetic and laser institute also provides training programmes for Skin , Hair , Body and Weight Management. Dr.Rekha's Cosmetic and Laser Institute has build a past record of achievements in the aesthetics in face , botox and fillers as well as nutritional tracks towards weight management areas. There are so many have benefited from our programmes and we look forward to serving your needs

Courses Offered



Those Who Are Eligible...?

  •          Any Doctor Degree

  •          Beauticians

  •          Beauty Therapist

  •          Other Therapist

About Training Programme

  • 1 Month – 3 Month Duration

  • 1 Month - 6 Month Duration

  • Certificate Course

  • Certificate of attendance will validated to start any laser centre or obesity clinic with
          advanced treatments.

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