Saturday, 6 May 2017

Hair therapy courses - for a future in the world of beauty

The field of beauty care is one among a few fields that would never lose its steam. Aesthetics is something that man can never compromise on and hence it is one of the safest career options to build your life on.

Hair is one of our most valuable assets, in an aesthetic sense. They can alter our overall looks drastically by the way they are styled. A career in hair care and hair therapy has the promise of an opportunity galore. If beautifying has held your interest and you are confident about your skills, hair therapy course might be it for you.

Healthy hair in today’s environment is a real blessing. Maintaining it however requires a lot of work. At a time when environmental factors, stress and lifestyle plays a havoc on the health of our hair, the scope of efficient hair therapy and related treatments are at an all-time high.

A certificate training program in holistic hair therapy could be your pathway to an illustrious career in the field of beauty and hair care. Hair therapists are trained to address the several reasons and causes of hair problem and to treat them. Training on dealing with various hair types are also given.

Hair treatments covered in hair therapy

The goal of hair therapy is to reduce hair fall and to prevent or cure the reasons behind the fall. The various procedures that are covered in hair therapy are as follows: -
  • Laser therapy for hair growth
  • Dandruff treatment
  • Therapy for alopecia baldness
  • Hair fall treatment
  • Hair mesotherapy for hair regrowth
  • PRP Treatment
  • Keratein Treatment for hair volumizing
  • Stem cell therapy for hair growth
  • Follicle therapy for hair regrowth

Methods using modern technology like trichoscanning, to improve the hair volume and scientific massage, to improve blood flow for facilitating hair growth, ensure better and faster results in hair therapy.

Dr Rekha’s Cosmetic and Laser Institute, based in Mumbai offers quality training course to interested candidate to ensure an efficient career in the field of beauty care.

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Monday, 17 April 2017

Holistic Skin Therapy Course – For A Career in Beauty

Our skin is a reflection of ourselves, our body, mind and soul. Although make up can cover up the slight irregularities and blemishes, the beauty of a natural glowing skin cannot be disputed.

With climate change, pollution and busy lifestyles taking a toll on our skin, the most exposed organ of our body, holistic skin care is the need of time. A holistic skin therapy course can be your path to a fruitful and fast growing career in the beauty industry.

The idea and importance of aesthetics in the life of common man has seen a wholesome shift since the last few decades. With more and more people relying on treatments and therapies to enhance their beauty, the industry has shown a widespread growth.
Skin care treatments involve repair, rejuvenation, maintenances and interventions to ensure a healthy and beautiful skin. A holistic approach to skin therapies ensures a perfect blend of traditional and modern technology to yield the best results in an affordable fashion.
Is holistic skin therapy course for you?
Holistic skin therapy course might be it for you,
  • if you are interested in a career in the promising field of beauty and skincare.
  • if you are passionate and are willing to work with a commitment to correct skin problems
  • if holistic therapies capture your interest
  • if you are looking for a career that pays well.
Holistic Skin Therapy Course Details
The holistic skin therapy course involves practical and hands on live sessions to impart knowledge regarding the various procedures and the way they are performed. The treatments used vary from person to person depending on their skin type. The main topics covered in these courses include acne treatments, photo facials, dermabrasion, scar reduction treatments, tattoo removal, advanced peels, cosmetic procedures for face lifts and anti-ageing treatments and so on.

Dr. Rekha’s Cosmetic and Laser Institute based in Mumbai, offers holistic beauty courses with a comprehensive curriculum to make the students adept at handling the challenges and beauty needs of today.

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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Be A Weight Loss Practitioner

Overweight or obesity is the major problem among teenagers. A renowned weight loss centre must be chosen by people who wish to go for healthy and safe weight reduction. Dr. Rekhas Cosmetic & Laser Institution provides holistic weight loss therapy courses in Mumbai.

Obesity paves the way to so many health issues such as cardiac, blood pressure, diabetes etc., especially women after delivery put on excess weight uncontrollably. We have been imparting the persons regarding weight management to achieve their desired look and overall health.  We not only provide the weight loss treatments but also offer weight loss courses and target on the following programs:
  • Cellulite Treatment
  • Weight loss treatment
  • Post Delivery skin tightening
  • Liposuction
  • Spot Fat Reduction
  • Breast Lifting/Toning/Augmentations
  • Inch Loss
  • Mesotherapy
  • Double Chin
  • Tummy Tuck (Surgical / Non-Surgical)
Dr. Rekha’s Cosmetic and Laser Institute provides the best weight loss therapy courses to the individuals who want to become professional weight loss practitioner. We cater the treatments based on the patient’s underlying causes for the condition. Dr. Rekha is a popular Weight Management Specialist who is also an aesthetic dermatologist with cosmic experience in obesity, cosmetology and trichology management. Here high standard and secured weight loss treatment is provided to people at an affordable cost.

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