Friday, 25 November 2016

Holistic Hair Therapy Courses

Your hair type and hair style reveals your personality, your age, and at times, even your state of mind. The quality and the quantity of your hair depends on the ways in which you nourish and moisturise your skin, hair and scalp which further depends on the health of your body, lifestyle undertaken, and the diet you follow.

Although a majority of your skin is covered by hair, the most common areas of interest that we focus on are hair growth, hair texture, and hair care. If you have a healthy mind and body, it reflects on your hair. However, due to various factors like our surroundings, lifestyle, and medical/health conditions, the hair texture and the growth is affected. This leads to several hair problems where timely medical intervention becomes imperative. Sometimes, these hair issues that arise due to some deficiency can be rectified through a prescribed and regular dose of drugs and vitamin supplements.

Different people have different types of hair. This depends on various factors like the environment, lifestyle and medical conditions of a person. Based on these factors, the trichologist (hair and scalp specialist) recommends future treatment.

Some of the common hair issues are hair fall, scanty hair or Baldness. These problems are generally treated using laser therapy, specific hair products, and multivitamin or multimineral supplements. Hair growth can be enhanced through natural and artificial follicle stimulation. A scientific massage is proven to be beneficial for hair growth as it increases blood circulation to the head.

A thorough analysis of hair growth is done by Trichoscanning. This can highlight how effective the Treatment for Hair Growth is.

Highest standards of safety are maintained during all the treatment procedures. Some of these therapies are for treating hairfall, alopecia baldness, dandruff, etc. Laser therapy can be used to promote hair growth, keratin or volume. Hair Stem Cell Therapy can be used on follicles to facilitate hair growth. In some cases, hair mesotherapy or Hair Regrowth Therapy and PRP treatment is used.

There has been a rapid increase in hair clinics all over the world. Among these, the one place that stands out is 'Dr. Rekha's Cosmetic & Laser Institute', in Mumbai.

Dr. Rekha (M.D, PGD) is a renowned skin and weight management specialist. She is an aesthetic dermatologist with immense experience in anti-aging, obesity, and medico-legal, cosmetology and Trichology management.

'Dr. Rekha's Cosmetic & Laser Institute' not only offers complete hair solutions but also trains professionals in the beauty industry. The 'Holistic Hair Therapy Course' offered by 'Dr. Rekha's Cosmetic & Laser Institute' involves an in-depth training in all hair related problems. This institute provides latest, state-of-the-art equipment and facilities along with practical,  hands on training to enhance your learning experience.

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